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MISCEA armature

an revolution for your hand-hygiene
Miscea has developed an revolutionary hand-hygiene-system for the medicaland and dental sector.
the system combines the functionality of a water-armature and of a dispenser in a brilliant way.
through totally contact-free operation no diversion of germinals is possible anymore.
Single price 1.165,00 EUR
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get to know the inimitable user-friendlyness
the various functions of the system can be activated through closeness of your hand on the particular sensors. the control happens contact-free with one hand.
an Miscea hand-hygiene-system is consisting of two components:
the armature made of high-quality steel and the Miscea systembox
the Miscea systembox is a carrier for refill-bags at the same time, an warning light informs the user if a bag needs to be replaced.
the system is in use in mains operation. the installation is easy and respects the standard-dimensions of the sanitary-industry.
3 different models of the system are available: standard, small and wall mounted model
the delivery of the Miscea-dispenser-systems happens basically in a complete ready-for-connection configuration:
- contact-free armature for the washbasis or for wall-mounting
- the systembox with all technical components
- 80 cm coupler between armature and systembox
- mains adapter 220V with 180 cm cable length
- 2 armored hoses to the angle valve 3/8"
- comes with 1l soap and 1l hand-disinfection from Schülke
- new -
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