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KaVo PROTAR®evo 5 with Split-Cast

- New -
Articulator system that can be put together variable.
Single price 865,00 EUR
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The combination of the lower part with an adjusted or individually adjustable upper part of dentistry and dental technology can be flexibly and accurately respond to the different and changing requirements in practice and laboratory.

  • Bright, clinical, high-quality surfaces;
  • Light weight;
  • Two alternative split cast versions available;
  • High-precision, play-free centric lock from PROTARevo 3;
  • Reference lines for occlusal plane.
  • With splitcast
Technical Specifications:
Arcon articulator;
Intercondylar distance fix 110mm;
Height 120 mm, with control plate 108 mm, with split cast 97 mm;
Balkwill-angle 20 °;
Camper's plane parallel to the plane of the table;
Setting support pin +10 to -10 mm.

Average condylar inclination adjustable -25 ° to + 75 ° to the Camper's plane and -10 ° to + 90 ° to the Frankfort horizontal;
Bennett angle fix + 15 °.

Scope of delivery:
PROTARevo 5 complete with support pin E;
Incisal plate plan; Incisal plate 20 °;
Upper part support pin and 2 mounting plates / control panels.

- New -

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