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KaVo K-ERGOgrip mit K-Control TLC - Aktion -

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Precision and relaxation = K-ERGOgrip

Absolute perfection at your fingertips. Working in partnership with Germany's Fraunhofer research institute, KaVo's handpiece, whose design reflects the very best in ergonomics, is an absolute masterpiece. As part of the process of creating a handpiece for the KaVo K-ERGOgrip laboratory drive which would provide the ideal response to working needs, video analyses and practical tests involving volunteers were carried out.

The significantly reduced bend of the wrist supports a much more relaxed grip, optimising working conditions and enabling technicians to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Now, even tedious and complex tasks requiring maximum precision can be mastered "at the flick of a wrist".

Ease and convenience

  • Sophisticated handpiece geometry

    No wrist bending angle and a working posture that is gentle to the joints

  • Exchangeable grip sleeve

    Adaptation to individual preference

  • Short overall length

    Optimum distribution of weight

  • Lightweight

    Optimum distribution of weight

  • Minimal heating

    feels pleasant during you work

  • Time-proven softgrip inlets

    for fatigue-free work and pleasant haptics

  • 50,000 rpm in counterclockwise rotation as well

    well-suited for left-handers


  • High torque of 7Ncm

    for more power

  • Up to 50,000 rpm in clockwise rotation

    for all common materials

  • New chuck system

    Optimum force transmission due to a 40 % higher retention force


  • Brush- and sensorless motor

    Reduced service periods and reduced maintenance cost

  • Extremely high concentricity

    Low transfer of vibrations

  • Ball bearing with patented, dirt-repellent sealing system

    for maximum stability

  • Removal of the chuck for cleaning without tools

    for rapid and easy ball bearing change

  • Stronger chuck grip

    for maximum reliability

  • Robust and patented one-shaft system

    for long service life and less vibration

- new - optional available as knee,- feet-, or table control device !

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