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Infratronic Solutions Hygiene cabinet Euroline XS variant 4

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Single price 582,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

W 500 mm x H 420 mm x D 345 mm
Corpus out of directly coated decor panels >white<

Satinato glass with eloxed aluminium frame
Front flap fitting: 1 piece Duo Standard on the right side
Front flap fitting can also be mounted on the left side locally

1 pc. glove application for 2 packs
1 pc. glove application for 1 pack
1 pc. cup dispenser

Optional Equipment for an additional extra charge: 17725: Special completion: Surcharge front XS mirror 61,00 € / pc. 17735-pw: Surcharge front XS Lacobel glass, pure white, other colors on demand 91,00 € / pc. liftbeschlag500: Surcharge f. front lift fitting depth 500 mm 304,00 € / pc. 17056 Special completion: Surcharge corpus XS color under sample decor on demand

Fronts ex works like Satinato, mirror and Lacobel pure white will be shipped without delivery time within 2-5 workdays. All other completions have delivery time approx. 4-5 weeks. We produce cabinets with your favoured dimensions on demand! They imaged colors can differ from the real color impression. Please order our color samples if required. Please consider, that the construction height of the front lift fitting restricts the available internal space. Please contact our sales staff to make sure, that all wanted applications are applicable.

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