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Helioform HF Varioplus

- used device -
only 2 years old !
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It incorporates the impressive advantages of the HELIOFORM® system:

  • Easy and fast
  • Very cost-efficient
  • Overnight manufacturing

HELIOFORM® - HF 300 provides advantages for your laboratory

  • 99.99 % fine-gold copings with no copper.
  • Fewer steps required than other electroforming systems.
  • Electrolyte bath guarantees each coping consistent quality.
  • 3 different sectors in the lid alloys for 3 different thicknesses of copings if desired.
  • No divesting of stone dies.
  • Gold recovery made easy.
  • No waxing, investing, casting, major metal finishing and less alloy used.
  • Hands on labor time is less than half that required of a cast alloy.
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