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Hedent Perform DS 3 duplicating unit

- New -

PERform DS 3 is a compact duplicating material melting system for gently preparing all dental duplicating materials.
Single price 1.995,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

  • The ring heater is equipped with thermal circuit breaker ruling out overheating for the duplicating material.
  • In addition, the bottom of the boiler is heated directly on the spout to prevent it from clogging.
  • Its formidable interval agitator ensures gentle duplicating material preparation without any bubbles while the automatic recooling system enables you to prepare the duplicating material more quickly.
  • Finally, its special geared motor stirs even congealed duplicating material.
Technical Specifications
DS3 height / width / depth 405 / 320 / 335 mm
weight ca.13,5 kg
boiler volume 3500 ccm
connection 230 VAC 50/60Hz 450W
line safeguarding 3 A

- New -
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