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Hedent Inkoquell water treatment

- new device -
The Hedent Inkodest device is for easy production of distilled water. The clarity of the water is equal to the norm 9 Aqua purificata (German medicine book) and the specifications of the VDE.
Single price 175,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
The water is equal to general distilled water and is qualified for using with all devices that need distilled water. The device is space-saving due to wall fastening. It's always possible to gain fresh demineralized water. 2 Cartridges guarantee optimal quality.
technical data:
height: 375 mm
width: 340 mm
depth: 165 mm
water supply 3/4'
weight 2,5 kg
power supply signal transmitter 9V battery
- new device -
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