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Harnisch & Rieth withdrawal system D-LE 255 "S"


- new device -

for connecting of blasting units, saws, crown gear grinders or similar devices
Single price 1.495,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
One place withdrawal system D-LE 255 S
  • for the connection to jet devices, saws, Zahnkranzschleifer or similar devices
  • up to 10 kg capacity in the prescreener
  • micro downstream micro-filter filters 99.98% of the purifying types of dust, a maximum of protection from micro types of dust injurious to health
  • pleasant quiet running by optimal sound absorption
Technical Data:
Dimensions 38 x 33 x 52.2 cm
Mains voltage 230 V
Capacity max. 650 W
Air volume max. 40 l/s
Hose connector ø 40 mm
Dust bag admission approx. 10 kg
Weight 25 kg
Colour ral 9002

Scope of delivery:
Suction hose Ø 50mm
Connecting piece Ø 50mm

- new equipment -
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