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Harnisch & Rieth withdrawal system D-V

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Exhaust with filtering unit particularly for gypsum data processing and gosse dust quantities
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Vacuum extraction unit D-V with filter unit
>The D-V extraction unit with filter unit is preferably employed to eliminate large quantities of plaster dust.
>Therefore, it is mainly used in combination with dry grinders.
>The instrument consists of an extraction blower unit and the filter housing, connected with a tube.
>The extraction blower unit is equipped with a very powerful high-pressure blower motor.
>It requires little space and runs extremely smooth.
>The dust generator is connected to the built-in socket.
>Once the maximum filter bag capacity of approx. 20kg is reached, the instrument switches off automatically.
Technical data :
Dimension of the exhaust:
Spreads 220 mm
Depth 240 mm
Height 470 mm
Weight 14 kg
Dimension of the filter box:
Spreads 565 mm
Depth 340 mm
Height 655 mm
Weight 28 kg
Mains voltage 230 Vmax. 900 W, Air volume 40 l/sec., Dust admission approx.. 20 kg
These complete withdrawal system is like a new!
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