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Harnisch & Rieth Blocking- a. measuring unit

Ausblockspitzen inclusive, from hard silver with 0/1/2/3/4 degree of angle of inclination > high heat conductivity heating-up time only approx.. 2 minutes > fine-adjustable work temperature > v...
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Blockout inserts inclusive, from hard silver with 0/1/2/3/4 degree
> The D-26 model series offers maximum precision and handling comfort.
> The double-jointed arm is ball-bearing and offers maximum freedom of movement with its generous dimensions.
> The D-26 V has two double-jointed arms, one used for blocking and the other for measuring.
> The measuring arm can be freely moved in three dimensions and can be fixated easily and safely in any position.
> It is fitted with a precision chuck (clamping range 0-4 mm).
> The finely adjustable heating element is used to set the working temperature for blocking.
> The set temperature remains constant for the whole duration of the blocking procedure.

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