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Hager & Werken Airsonic Mini Sandblaster

- New -

Handy sandblaster for roughening of the bonding surfaces of all metal, ceramic and plastic surfaces.
Convenient for removing cement residues before reinstalling.
Can be connected to the compressed air line and via an adapter also supply box, turbine or laboratory Connection.
With pressure valve for the exact dosing for changing the beam angle to operate with aluminum oxide.

Handy sandblaster
  • For roughening the adhesive surfaces of crowns, bridges, brackets, pins, etc.
  • Thoroughly roughened bonding surfaces for maximum adhesion of various materials
  • Ideal for all metals and ceramics
  • Also for removing cement residues from crowns and bridges
Single price 195,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

Optionally available connecting cables:
Airsonic adapter S (Sirona)
Airsonic Adapter K (KaVo)
Airsonic adapter Bien Air Unifix
Airsonic Adapter W + H
each 65, - €

- New - in a carrying case with standard nozzle (60 °), 20 g powder 50 µm

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