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Freuding workstation illumination F1 LED


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Good illuminating is the requirement for good work.
The height adjustable single-user illumination F1 90/55 offers flicker-free daylight due to its energy-saving pipe.
Ausrichtung Stativ:
Single price 950,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

The reflector which was specially developed for the F1-90/55 offers proper, glare-free illumination of the workstation.

In the stand of the bulb which is screwed to the desk top you can find 2 additional power outlets (230V) for supplying your devices such as Wachshotty, E-Waxcutter etc. with power.

technical data:
230 V, 50/60 Hz; Dulux/L 55W/12; 1400-6500 Lux; 3000 Lumen

color: white
For 35,- Eur extra charge even in silver available!

- new -

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