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Freuding VARIOmatic FZ2 four-user-suction system

- new -
compact multi-worktop withdrawal-system with 4 integrated automatic suction area openers. silent and highly absorbent through 2 adjusted three-phase-currents suction turbines.
no carbon brushes! economical through an durable filter with automatic filter-cleaning-system.
no filter-bags!
Single price 4.795,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
  • 4 suction connections with automatic openers
  • integrated dust outlets for workstation-cleaning
  • self-cleaning durable filter-system
  • 2 three-phase-current suction-turbines, no carbon brushes
  • control inputs for fourth and fifth suction area
  • compressed air connection 6 bar
  • open exhaust
The FZ2 VARIOmatic® is especially developed for operating in dental laboratories and offers a clean solution even at dust-intensive workstations with devices like belt grinders. in this was even little dental laboratories can be supplied with an withdrawal system. it is even a solution for wholesale laboratories that want to separate dirt, gold and heavy metals.
- new - without withdrawal funnel, installation material and montage
optionally available: installation material for 4 suction areas 155€
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