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Euronda Euroseal 2001 Plus

- New -

Proven, robust base-device of metal with integrated roll holder.
Single price 444,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
Low-maintenance systems for sealing sterilization films made of paper / foil.
Power heating wire and teflon tape superfluous.
Since the change is omitted, the device is simple and reliable.
  • Fast, even welding (about 3 seconds) with no breaks
  • 12 mm wide, up to 31 cm long weld
  • Fixed set pressure
  • The device signals the end of the welding process visually and acoustically
  • Absolutely constant, monitored temperature
  • Economical in electricity consumption
  • Welding without breaks
  • No change of Teflon rail and heating wire longer necessary
  • 2 years warranty
- New device - incl. Euro Seal-Check; test to check the seal of foil sealers and Euro sterile EUI55, 75, 10 * 100 m
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