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Dürr compressor "Duo"

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The duo is set in a 2-cylinder V-engine of classic compact compressors with 20 gallon tank.

For two workstations.
Devices for cleaning and care of hand and angle pieces, other sterilization units that require compressed air and laboratory. These are to be counted the number of dentists.
Price on request

Specifications Duo
cylinder 2
Voltage 230 V 1 ~ / 3 ~ 400 V, 50-60 Hz
Suction (Pro. Aggr) 140/150 l / min
Flow rate (per Aggr) at 5 bar 1) 105/120 l / min 2)
Fuel tank capacity 20 l
Pressure range 3) of 6 - 7.8 bar
Sound Level 4) for about 66/69 dB (A), in the closet about 55/61 dB (A)
Dimensions H 70 x W 49 x D 46 cm
Weight 47 kg

1) flow rate per aggregate at 5 bar without dry air
2) Power bandwidth results from the mains frequency 50/60 Hz
3) Optional is a pressure reducer available
4) Averaged values at 5 bar

- New -

Please note when selecting a compressor on the adequate flow rate incl. reserves, that the smooth functioning can be ensured.
A warranty may otherwise be excluded.

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