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Dürr XR 24 Pro

processing of all dental films and formats.
professional menu-guiding on keypress.
process-controlled processing guarantees optimum image quality.
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Price up to now:
2.500,00 EUR
Single price 1.980,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
- simplified service through making available machine data on keypress
- simplest and time-saving in control
- swim-cap increases the durability of the chemicals
- dip tank-technique saves permanent image quality through ivoiding of sulfuring of the chemicals
- comprehensive equipment like daylight and dark room-attachments, regeneration-unit and reservoir plus x-ray chemicals and cleaning-set.
technical data:
voltage 230 V
frequency 50-60 Hz
power input 4,0 A output 950 W
heating output bath-heater 400 W, drying 450 W
preheating time ca 20 minutes (0,5°C/min)
cycle time 2:45 - 20:00 minutes
water throughput 2 l/min
water pressure minimum/maximum 2/6 bar
tank-volume 5 l each
dimensions H 44 x W 42 x D 51 cm
weight 25 kg
- new device -
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