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Dreve EyeVolution® Max


When perfect LED light waves encounter dental plastics material it is EyeVolution®. When polymerization records are broken, with cold-light and more efficient than ever before, it is EyeVolution®. When attractive design and the look through a light filtered eye fascinate, it is EyeVolution®. The new light-curing system by Dreve premieres at the IDS 2013 and is available from April through the authorized dealers.
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Speeding up the process: a reflective rotary plate and specific LED positioning achieve optimum hardening in record times. In addition, EyeVolution® MAX is highly sustainable due to its almost unlimited LED service life and is easily used as a single unit thanks to its compact footprint.

EyeVolution® MAX therefore implements comprehensive, guaranteed light-curing and moves this important process forward to the next stage of its evolution.

  • Rapid tech DWL® DoubleWaveLengths technology: LEDs with spectrum ranges of 385 nm + 465 nm
  • Novel 180° automated rotary system including reflective plate
  • Guaranteed optimum hardening
  • Economical space requirements and multifunctionality
Technical Data:
  • Dimensions: 205 x 205 x 255 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Power supply: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz, 0.7 A
  • Power consumption: max. 30 W
  • Power peaks: 385-390 + 465-470 nm
  • Time programs: 1/2/3/5/10 min

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