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Dekema Austromat µSiC

- new -

High-temperature furnace
for sintering to 1600 ° C.
Ethernet and USB interface, USB terminal, X-Dream
User manual in 19 languages
Optional: Starter for sintering in 3 levels
Anodized aluminum housing, silver

Price on request
at the moment not available for order

AUSTROMAT µSiC: The high-temperature furnace AUSTROMAT µSiC by DEKEMA is equipped with three silicon carbide heating elements providing for sinter temperatures of up to 1600 °C; these heating elements are characterised by particular sturdiness and durability. The cylindrical firing chamber is closed from below by means of a vibration-free lift. All components of the firing chamber of the AUSTROMAT µSiC are made of high-purity materials and guarantee a very homogeneous temperature distribution and a clean atmosphere. The temperature is monitored and controlled by two platinum / platinum-rhodium thermocouples. Several levels up to 15 cm height and with a diameter of up to 10 cm can be put on the multi-layer insulation table. This allows for a sintering of over 80 units. For the safe loading and unloading using (optional) pliers, the sinter trays are equipped with lateral openings. On the one hand, the Autodry System proven in the common ceramic furnaces by DEKEMA guarantees a precise drying already from 50 °C on and, on the other hand, it supports a fast and targeted cooling below 1000 °C. Thus the previous sinter times can be reduced by more than 70%, depending on the materials used.




Temperature in the firing chamber

50 to 1600



Lift position

0 to 9


open to closed


1 to 64000



Acoustic signal

1 to 9


number of tones

Temperature change rate

1 to 100 *



Time-controlled temperature change

50 to 1600


°C/time interval

Time-controlled lift movement

1 to 9


lift position/time interval


50 to 1000



... and many more

individual parameters and programs

* depending on the temperature in the firing chamber

The central display on the USB terminal serves to select from 10 saved programs and informs about the status of a program sequence. The program is started by simply pressing the button on the USB terminal.

Changes, also during the program sequence, can be made via a web browser. A JAVA™-capable browser is sufficient in order to control the AUSTROMAT µSiC via a freely selectable IP address. The password-protected area provides comprehensive possibilities to amend or change the saved programs as required via PC or MAC. The absolutely free programming makes the random order of the individual program sequences possible. The integration of the AUSTROMAT µSiC in the network environment allows, for instance, for an online diagnosis or update of the furnace software via Internet. A backup and recovery functionality via the USB interface reliably protects against data loss. Firing programs can also be loaded or read via the USB interface. Optionally, the program sequences can also be recorded on a USB pen drive or queried online via FTP.

The AUSTROMAT µSiC automatically recognises the available input voltage and can be operated using standard sockets.

The low power consumption of maximally 2 kW, the reduction of sinter cycles and the extraordinary capacity of the AUSTROMAT µSiC thus allow for an increase in productivity together with an improvement of the process reliability.

Setup: Units, language, date, time, screen settings, network, general code, furnace ID, acoustic signal, drying temperature, heating settings, lift settings, check program, oxidation, temperature calibration, printer, quality management, diagnostic data, log-in data, backup/recovery and much more.

DEKEMA Autodry: Simulates the object temperature measurement and automatically regulates the distance of the object to the firing chamber via the vibration-free lift for precise drying and cooling phases.

Automatic self-test: Internal test routines permanently monitor the temperature during the program sequence.

Check program: In order to determine the maintenance intervals, an automatic diagnostic routine for all system components is included.

Connections: 1 USB and 1 Ethernet (RJ45)
Technical data: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz, max. 2000 W (adjustable)
Dimensions: 42 cm x 98 cm x 60 cm (width x height x depth), approx. 75 kg

- new - Price on request !
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