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Degudent Cercon® heat

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The Cercon ® heat has proven itself since 2001, well.
Better proof than the high quality scaffolding of almost 5.7 million dental units can not exist.
® heat is suitable for Cercon ® base frameworks up to 47 mm anatomical length.
In him
about 30 dental units can be sintered in a process.
The maximum temperature
in this furnace is 1350 ° C and the sintering process takes about 6 hours.
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Cercon heat:
The milled from zirconia blanks Cercon base framework structures disappear in a total of 6 hours of sintering process on their ideal size and final hardness.
The temperature dependence
of the Cercon heat is precisely matched to Cercon base.
Since the
zirconia used DeguDent is particularly fine-grained, the "low" sintering temperature of 1350 ° C.
In the amount
sufficient Which extends the life of the furnace and reduced energy costs.

Mains voltage 230 V
max. Power consumption 1.6 kW
Rated current 6.9 A
Dimensions W 500 mm x D 520 mm x H 620 mm
Weight 80 kg
max. Temperature 1350 ° C.

- Used - built in 2005
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