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De Trey Multimat Mach 1


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The Multimat Mach 1 offers modern technique to good conditions. Fast and easy programmed this furnace makes every day work way easier.
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  • Consistent quality of the combustible material
  • Time-saving firing procedure
  • Clear operating elements
  • 50 free adjustable programs
  • Engagement opportunity in a running program
  • A stored program can be changed to a one-time special program
  • Firing temperature to 1200 ° C
  • Burning time to 99.9 min
  • Drying and preheating time to 9 minutes
  • Freely programmable temperature rise rates
  • Standby circuit
  • High temperature accuracy
Technical Specifications:
HxWxD 585 x 322 x with opened combustion chamber 425 mm
Weight 28 kg
Mains voltage 220 V
Connection value 1200 VA
Max. Firing temperature 1200 ° C.

- used device - with vacuum pump

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