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Bien Air Turbine Laboratory STS with Spray

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The pneumatic control devices Bien-Air are particularly robust and very easy to use.
Along with the turbines they offer the ideal solution for demanding ceramists and prosthodontists.
Single price 1.475,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs
Extremely simple and solid, Bien-Air air-driven units have been the best friends of ceramists and prosthetists for many years now. Their turbines - the best on the market - have something to do with this: with a rotation speed of 300,000 rpm, they prove ideal for delicate, precise work. A dust protection shield, unique to Bien-Air, helps give them an extraordinarily long service life. Bien-Air's air-driven units, 100% Swiss Made, are available in three versions: two table-top and one for wall mounting.

Set comprising:
  • 1 Unit STS Trimmer
  • REF 1600643-001
  • 1 TDS 890 Turbine with internal spray
  • REF 1600163-001
  • 1 foot pedal
  • REF 1600312-001
  • 1 straight hose with 4-hole connector
  • REF 1600390-001
Set REF 1700296-001

- New -
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