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Aquarius soldering device 160 N

- new device -
Solderings on orthodontic machines.
Connections of gold and steel-alloys.
Repairings of bridges.
Single price 1.745,00 EUR
price + VAT and shipping costs

Technical Specifications:
gasoutput 100 l/ h
230V / 50Hz
2 flame anti-kickback attachments
water consumption 55g / h
flux material consumption 16 g / h
generator-capacity 1,35 l electrolyte
booster-capacity 0,1 l flux material
dimensions: 45x28x22 cm
weight 21 kg
Scope of Delivery:
1 burnerhandpiece with precison-adjust valve
1 burner-rack
1 burner hanging up angle
4 burner-nozzles sorted
2 fill level floater
2 funnels
1 cleaning injection
1 charge electrolyte
1 l flux material
- new device - with 42 months manufacturer warranty !
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